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What is Teletraan I?
Teletraan I is designed to be as helpful as possible with the Transformers TCG. It can help you keep tabs on your card collection, giving you a single need/want list to link to people. It has a deck builder with deck stats and a built-in Battle Simulator. Teletraan I also keeps track of the major community-made sets, making it easy to find the ones you're looking for. Teletraan I is constantly improving and always trying to be better.

Recent Updates
Jan 11th Team Bayformer's first set, BFA World|Strike has been released! All cards are on Teletraan I and ready to be added to decks. OCTGN is expected to support BFA, and once it does the OCTGN IDs for the set will be added to Teletraan I so that you can export BFA cards to OCTGN.
Dec 17th Lots of tweaks and adjustments for the DeckBox. Re-arranged it a bit and made the font size a bit smaller on it when editing a deck. Likewise, deck notes can be toggled on/off when updating a deck too. The card table header now sits below the DeckBox, rather than above it. Feedback on the new sizing would be appreciate. Is it too small? Should it be a little smaller? Also fixed a bug where increasing/decreasing battle cards from DeckBox wasn't working from the Bot/Stratagem page.
Dec 14th has over a 100 users now, more than half of which are active on a weekly basis. Thank you everyone who has reported bugs, typos, and had suggestions. Teletraan I is always improving and there's more to come in the near future!
Dec 14th Fixed a couple bugs with the Download Generator Cards should be sized properly now.
Dec 14th I'm looking for someone(s) to help out with some writing for, namely on how-to guides for OCTGN and Tabletop Simulator (including installation, setup, and use). Maybe a webcam guide too. If you're interested, let me know!
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Help, Info, & Downloads
All About Community Sets: An explanation of what community sets are, which ones are most used, and which are supported by Teletraan I.
Downloads & Printing: Ready-to-print PDFs for community sets, OCTGN packages for community sets, and more
How to Play Online: Instructions on how to setup and use OCTGN, Tabletop Simulator, webcams, and where to find people to play with.
Details & Help w/ Teletraan I: Includes an FAQ, instructions, history of the site, and some thank yous.
Upcoming & Ongoing Tournaments
Analysis of past tournaments available on the tournaments page
Tournament Signup Location Eligible Sets Format Date(s)
Eye of the Matrix: The Ark Link Webcams Full Constructed Official WotC sets, Ark 1 Jan 7th - Feb 28th