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What is Teletraan I?
Teletraan I is designed to be as helpful as possible with the Transformers TCG. It has a deck builder with a built-in Battle Simulator, you can use it to track & share your card collection, and it contains a wealth of information for the game. Teletraan I also incorporates the major community-made sets, making it easy to find the ones you're looking for. Teletraan I is constantly improving and always trying to be better.

Below are some handy reference links that will answer most of your questions about the game and its current status.
FAQ & Beginner's Guide: An FAQ and welcome guide for those just learning about the game.
All About Community Sets: An explanation of what community sets are, which ones are most used, and which are supported by Teletraan I.
Downloads & Printing: Ready-to-print PDFs for community sets, OCTGN packages for community sets, and more
How to Play Online: Instructions on how to setup and use Tabletop Simulator, OCTGN, and webcams for playing online.
Details On Teletraan I: Instructions on how to use Teletraan I and a history of the site, along with some thank yous.
Aequitas: Contains all official rules & rulings from WotC, as well as Aequitas rulings, all in an easy to search database.
Upcoming & Ongoing Tournaments
Analysis of past tournaments available on the tournaments page
There are no tournaments currently scheduled
What's New
Updates to Teletraan I & recent content from community creators
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