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Welcome to Teletraan I
Teletraan I was made to be as helpful as possible with the Transformers TCG. It has a deck builder with a built-in Battle Simulator, you can use it to track & share your card collection, and it contains a wealth of information for the game. Teletraan I also incorporates the major community-made sets, making it easy to find the ones you're looking for. Teletraan I is constantly improving and always trying to be better.
Upcoming & Ongoing Tournaments
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Tournament Date(s) Location Signup Format Eligible Sets
ATP June Junkion Jun 9th - Jun 30th Webcams Primus Waves 1-5, ATP-2, ATP-3, ATP-4, ATP-5, ATP-6
Two Lwosers 2 Jun 24th - Jul 15th Webcams Two Lwosers Waves 1-5, Ark 1, BFA: World|Strike, TROP: Phase 1, TROP: Monster Menagerie, 1C Open Cards
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New video from Servants of the Dice Gods Jun 24th
This Disaster of a Video was Legendary's Fault| Transformers TCG | Agents of Chaos Ep 5
Three day roll back Jun 18th
Sorry everyone, but Teletraan I suffered a database issue and will need to be rolled back three days. Very specifically, it has been rolled back to June 15th at 9:00 PM Pacific time.

This means any decks created or edits since then are lost.

Again, apologies for the trouble. I know there's tournaments coming up, and losing decks made for one really sucks.

As always, if you find any errors (especially 404s), please report them to me. Thanks!
Teletraan Update: Confirm Deck Deletion Jun 7th
By request, a popup confirmation has been added when deleting a deck.
New video from Energon Hustlers May 31st
Energon Hustlers Play Transformers TCG: Fractional Factional Fallacy vs The Kings Brutality
New video from Servants of the Dice Gods May 27th
Transformers TCG: The Post-Omega Invitational Metagame & BFB's Predicted Impact
New video from Alpha Trion Protocols May 26th
TransformersTCG Wreckers VS Wreckers Primus
New video from Dr. Arkeville's Transformers TCG Lab May 21st
Wheelie Say Find Friends Today
New video from Alpha Trion Protocols May 19th
TransformersTCG ExtraLife Event info
New video from Arbitrary Hero May 15th
Conversion Conversations: Transformers TCG ATP Wave 6 Unboxing
New video from Servants of the Dice Gods May 13th
"Another Chance at Taking the City" | Transformers TCG | "Serious" Competition Ep 40
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