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Orion Pax
Destined For Greatness
Set: ATP-4
Number: 08
Super Rare
Available Stratagems:
Heroic Spotlight
Heroic Perseverance
This Shall Be Your Ship
Brutal Conditioning
Bot Mode
5   9   2   Autobot Ranged
This is an Optimus Prime character.

Focus 1

If this would be KO'd by an opponent's card, and you had no Decepticons Decepticon on your starting team 🠪 Draw 2 cards. Then, Arise.
Optimus Prime
Destined For Greatness
Legend Mode
6   16   2   Autobot Leader Ranged Melee
Bold 1, Tough 1, Focus 1

When this battles and you flip at least one Autobot Autobot card 🠪 He gets +1 and +1 until end of turn.
This card is not used in any public decks