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Raider Overkill
Spy Patrol • Havoc Wreaker
Set: ATP-2
Number: 05
Available Stratagems:
Villainous Spotlight
Materiel War
Brutal Conditioning
Alt Mode
11   3   Decepticon Spy Patrol
Revenge 🠪 Draw 2 cards.
Bot Mode
4   11   2   Decepticon Spy Patrol Beast Melee
Tough 2

Revenge 🠪 Put an enemy Upgrade on top of its owner's deck.
Relevant Rulings
Taken from the Aequitas FAQ
If I start with Overkill on my team, can I put an Overkill from outside the game into my KO area?
No, this will be more covered in a Tournament Rules Doc. You may only ever have one of each named character on your battlefield or in the KO area. This concept is further emphasized by the word “different” among the many abilities in this same vein.
Source: Alpha Trion Protocols:Wave 2 FAQ
This card is not used in any public decks