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Decepticon Psy Ops
Set: Rise of the Combiners
Number: T12
Rarity: Rare
Available Stratagems: Can't Squish This
Alt Mode
1   15   1
Traits: Decepticon Insecticon Specialist
When you flip to this mode 🠪 Draw a card.
Bot Mode
2   15   1
Traits: Decepticon Insecticon Specialist
When this attacks 🠪 You may scrap cards from your hand equal to the number of stars on the defender. If you do, KO the defender.
Relevant Rulings
Taken from the Aequitas FAQ
Let's say I have Bombshell - Decepticon Psy Ops equipped with a Data Pad. When he attacks, would I trigger Data Pad's effect or Bombshell's skill first? Or do I get to choose the order they trigger in?
You may choose the order because they are both attack triggers on your cards.
Source: Rules Roundup 2019-03-15
I was playing with Bombshell - Decepticon Psy Ops with 5 health left, against Shockwave - Cybertron Commander. I scrapped 11 cards to KO him, but should his bot mode ability have triggered, killing me in the process?
Shockwave's ability will trigger 11 times, but if those are the last two characters on the battlefield, your opponent will lose the game because Shockwave has been KO'd by Bombshell's ability, but Bombshell is not yet KO'd by Shockwave's ability.
Source: Rules Roundup 2019-07-12
Based off of the ruling for Autobot Cosmos - Recon & Communication (bot mode) that states that if defender is KO'd due to Cosmos’ ability, no defense flips are performed, When Bombshell - Decepticon Psy Ops (bot mode) attacks, are there battle flips for either party if a KO occurs from a discard?
Nope. That’d be a garden variety KO.
Source: Rules Roundup 2019-03-08
Does Bombshell - Decepticon Psy Ops' effect trigger before or after battle cards are flipped for the attack?
You choose to use his ability (or not) before cards are flipped by either player. If you do and the defending character is KO’d, nobody flips.
Source: Rules Roundup 2019-02-11
If Bombshell - Decepticon Psy Ops uses its ability to KO an opponent's character card, does the battle end, or do you get to select a new target for an attack due to the original target no longer being active on your opponent’s side of the field?
The battle ends. Bombshell is still swinging at the air where the defender used to be standing.
Source: Rules Roundup 2019-02-11
If you attack with Bombshell - Decepticon Psy Ops in bot mode and the defender has the 1-star upgrade Recon System attached, is that +1 to the total number of cards to be scrapped by the attacker? No. Bombshell’s ability only counts stars from characters, not from battle cards. Are you allowed to look at your opponent’s discard pile?
Yes. The discard pile and KO zones are areas of public information. Accurate information must be provided upon request during a game, but please be polite about it, and always ask permission before touching another player’s cards and handle them carefully.
Source: Rules Roundup 2019-02-28
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Deck stats available once cards are in the deck
Battle stats available once there are at least 10 cards are in the deck
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Data Protection 1★
Used with Crankcase, Data Collector
Can't Squish This 1★
Used with Bombshell, Decepticon Psy Ops
3 Equipment Enthusiast
3 Escape Route
2 Security Console
3 Adaptive Plating
3 Swerve
3 Hit and Run
3 Scan the Vaults
Regular Actions
3 Roll Out!
3 Security Checkpoint
3 Intelligence Mission
3 Brainstorm
3 Pep Talk
3 Scouting Mission
Secret Actions
3 Hidden Fortification
3 Swerve
3 Handheld Blaster
3 Reinforced Plating
3 Extra Padding
3 Data Bank
3 Kinetic Converter
1 Pocket Processor
Deck Stats
24 action cards
  18 regular action cards
  6 secret action cards
16 upgrade cards
  3 weapon cards
  6 armor cards
  7 utility cards

Sets Used In Deck
Wave 1: 15 cards
Wave 2: 13 cards
Wave 3: 9 cards
Wave 4: 16 cards
Wave 5: 8 cards
Ark 1: 4 cards
Battle Icons in Deck
3 icons on 3 cards (8%)
33 icons on 27 cards (68%)
12 icons on 12 cards (30%)
4 icons on 4 cards (10%)
6 icons on 6 cards (15%)
0 icons on 0 cards (0%)
Battle Simulator
Set Tough/Bold:
Likelihood of Flipping
+2 Bonus Flip: 51%
Extra Padding: 23%
Pocket Processor: 7%