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Autobot Mirage
Set: Rise of the Combiners
Number: 05
Part of:
Optimus Maximus, Ultimate Defender
Other parts:
Autobot Hot Rod, Impulsive Fighter
Ironhide, Steadfast Brawler
Optimus Prime, Gleaming Commander
Prowl, Strategic Mastermind
Sunstreaker, Bold Warrior
Available Stratagems:
Heroic Spotlight
Heroic Perseverance
Alt Mode
2   10   2   Autobot Sentinel Car Specialist
Pierce 2
Bot Mode
4   10   2   Autobot Sentinel Specialist
When this is in your KO area and you flip to this mode 🠪 Look at your opponent's hand and scrap an Action from it.
Relevant Rulings
Taken from the Aequitas FAQ
What happens when the Sentinel Prowl attacks with Combat Commands and I want to use it on Mirage, into a character equipped to with Security Console? Does turn player flip flop Mirage first to look for an action to scrap before they draw?
The attack causes two abilities to trigger. One is yours (Combat Commands) and the other is your opponent’s (Security Console). You do yours first, but this causes another of your abilities to trigger (Mirage). You continue to use your abilities until you have none, then your opponent can use any of their pending abilities in any order. In this scenario, you would first use Combat Commands’ ability, then use Mirage’s ability, then your opponent would use Security Console’s ability.
Source: Rules Roundup 2019-06-07
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Deck Traits: Autobot Sentinel Truck Melee Leader Car
41🂠 25★ in deck and 0🂠 0★ in sideboard Added by [Name Not Given] Modified on Jun 13, '22
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Ironhide 7★
Steadfast Brawler
Optimus Prime 11★
Gleaming Commander
Prowl 7★
Strategic Mastermind

Out of Game
Optimus Maximus 46★
Ultimate Defender
Autobot Hot Rod 7★
Impulsive Fighter
Autobot Mirage 7★
Sunstreaker 7★
Bold Warrior
Regular Actions
1 Ramming Speed
3 Supercharge
3 Treasure Hunt
3 Confidence
1 Sentinel Enigma
1 Vaporize
2 Wedge Formation
Rolling Actions
3 Take the Shot
3 Lie in Wait
3 Grenade Launcher
3 Ion Blaster of Optimus Prime
1 Enforcement Batons
2 Mining Pick
2 Power Punch
2 Bashing Shield
2 Improvised Shield
3 Force Field
3 Combat Commands
Deck Stats
20 action cards
  14 regular action cards
  0 secret action cards
  6 rolling action cards
21 upgrade cards
  11 weapon cards
  7 armor cards
  3 utility cards

Sets Used In Deck
Wave 1: 13 cards
Wave 2: 24 cards
Wave 3: 3 cards
Wave 4: 2 cards
Wave 8: 3 cards
1C Open Cards: 3 cards
Battle Icons in Deck
32 icons on 27 cards (66%)
10 icons on 7 cards (17%)
6 icons on 6 cards (15%)
6 icons on 6 cards (15%)
2 icons on 2 cards (5%)
0 icons on 0 cards (0%)
Battle Simulator
Set Tough/Bold:
Likelihood of Flipping
+2 Bonus Flip: 28%
Bashing Shield: 12%
Enforcement Batons: 7%
Sentinel Enigma: 6%
Wedge Formation: 12%