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This Shall Be Your Ship
Set: BFB: Waste|Land [PUBLIC BETA]
Number: 39
Can be used with:
Megatron, Decepticon Leader
Onslaught, Combaticon Leader
Decepticon Venin, Insecticon Tyrant
Starscream, Decepticon King
Alpha Trion, Archivist of Iacon
Wreck-Gar, The Big Cheese! Now With More Cheese!
... and more
Unicronian Vehicle
When each of the following has occurred this game:

Welcome Megatron – You played in a single turn an Upgrade with a faction on your character that shares that faction and an Action with a faction that shares that character’s faction.

I am Unicron – One of your Leaders Leader was KO’d by damage.

I have summoned you here for a purpose – All characters on the battlefield untapped.

This is my command – You upgraded one of your characters with a Utility with two or more battle icons.

Proceed on your way to oblivion – One of your characters attacked while upgraded with 2 or more types of Upgrades.

🠪 You may flip this.
Unicronian Vehicle
When you flip to this side 🠪 Return one of your KO’d Leaders that was on your starting team to the battlefield and repair 3 damage from it.
StationAssault Bay
Requires 16★     Gives +2  
When a non-Leader Leader character takes this Station 🠪 Move a damage counter from that character to an enemy.
StationHelm of the Revenge
Requires 19★     Gives +1   +1   +1  
At the end of your turn while your Leader Leader is in this Station 🠪 Do 1 damage to an enemy.
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