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Thermal Reciprocation
Used with Autobot Powerglide, Haughty Show-Off
Set: BFA: World|Strike
Number: S28
Rarity: Common
Used With: Autobot Powerglide, Haughty Show-Off
+1   +5  
When your Autobot Powerglide, Haughty Show-Off takes damage from an opponent's card or has one or more damage counters moved onto him from an opponent's card 🠪 Put a thermal counter on this.

When your Autobot Powerglide, Haughty Show-Off is KO'd and you play his Upgrade side 🠪 Flip this.
When a character upgraded with your S2 Thermal Reciprocator does attack damage 🠪 You may remove one or more thermal counters from this. If you do, do damage to the defender equal to the number of thermal counters removed.
Relevant Rulings
Taken from the Aequitas FAQ
This card has errata in 1.1.
Source: BFA World|Strike:Wave 1 FAQ
The stat bonuses on Thermal Reciprocation affect all stat boxes in each mode of Autobot Powerglide, Haughty Show-Off. Therefore, with this Stratagem in play, Powerglide in alt mode has 3 Attack and 10 Health, Powerglide in bot mode has 4 Attack and 10 Health, and the S2 Thermal Reciprocator grants +3 Attack to an upgraded character.
Source: BFA World|Strike:Wave 1 FAQ
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