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Hit Me With That Beat
Used with Autobot Jazz, Special Ops
Set: BFA: World|Strike
Number: S12
Rarity: Uncommon
Used With: Autobot Jazz, Special Ops
+1   +1  
When your Autobot Jazz, Special Ops defends in alt mode against an attacker that has Pierce and you flip at least [W][W] 🠪 Do 1 damage to Autobot Jazz, Special Ops. He can't take more attack damage for this attack than the number of damage counters already on him.
Relevant Rulings
Taken from the Aequitas FAQ
Knowing the current amount of damage on Autobot Jazz, Special Ops is important to determine how much damage he takes when his alt mode ability triggers. For example, if he is at full health and an incoming attack triggers his alt mode ability, he first takes 1 point of damage, and then cannot take more than 1 damage for the attack. If he has 4 damage counters, first he takes 1 damage, and then cannot take more than 5 damage for the attack.
Source: BFA World|Strike:Wave 1 FAQ
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