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High-Speed Chase
Motormaster, Stunticon Don
Set: ATP-2
Number: 04
Can be used with:
Motormaster, Stunticon Don
Each of your Stunticons Stunticon has Bold 1.

When you combine into Menasor, Menacing Colossus 🠪 Flip this.

At the end of your turn, if you have 5 Stunticon Stunticon characters in Bot Mode on the battlefield and/or in your KO area 🠪 You may comhine them into Menasor, Menacing Colossus.
High-Speed Chase
Menasor, Menacing Colossus
+1   +5   Decepticon
This Stratagem now applies to your Menasor, Menacing Colossus.

When you play your second Action during your turn 🠪 Repair 1 damage from Menasor, Menacing Colossus.

While your Menasor, Menacing Colossus has at least 30 damage 🠪 He become Sturdy.
This card is not used in any public decks