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Fiery Champion
Set: Rise of the Combiners
Number: T06
Rarity: Rare
This combiner uses:
- Dinobot Sludge, Dino Demolitions
- Dinobot Slug, Battering Ram
- Dinobot Snarl, Spiked Battler
- Dinobot Swoop, Bombardier
- Grimlock, Powerful Commander
Available Stratagems: Jurassic Punch, Heroic Spotlight, Rampage, Brutal Conditioning
Combiner Mode
6   56   6
Traits: Autobot Dinobot Melee
When this attacks on the turn he's combined 🠪 For each battle card you flip that has at least [O], do 1 damage to the defender.
Relevant Rulings
Taken from the Aequitas FAQ
What happens if the damage done by Volcanicus’s ability KO’s the defender?
In that case, the attack ends, although any other abilities that trigger when Volcanicus attacks will happen. Volcanicus won’t do attack damage and won’t untap.
Source: Wave 2 and 3 FAQ
I had Electrified Spikes on Volcanicus and Wheeljack attacked. Wheeljack did enough damage to kill me but I also flipped 2 orange battle icons and Wheeljack was my opponent’s last character. Which character would be KO’d first?
If the damage from Electrified Spikes KO’s the attacker, no attack damage is dealt during that combat. If that attacker was your opponent’s last character, you would win the game.
Source: Rules Roundup 2019-03-15
What occurs if I attack with Volcanicus the turn I combined while also playing Steamroll that same turn (assume I used a Brainstorm or Multi-Mission Tool on Divebomb) and flip enough Orange pips to KO the defender with Volcanicus' ability. Do I still calculate my total ATK damage to determine what (or if) Steamroll's damage would be?
In this case, Volcanicus has KO’d the defender before actually doing attack damage to it, so the attack will end with no attack damage dealt. Thus, Steamroll’s effect would not apply
Source: Rules Roundup 2019-03-15
I wondering, given that Volcanicus is a Dinobot, is he a valid target for wave 2 Grimlock’s ability that lets you put Dinobots from outside the game into the KO area?
No. Volcanicus can’t exist outside of the game because he needs to be combined inside the game, so Grimlock cannot recruit him into the game.
Source: Rules Roundup 2019-05-02
Since Wave 2 Grimlock is capable of grabbing duplicate characters from outside the game, including copies of himself, what happens if I have a Grimlock in my KO area and one on the battlefield when I play the Dinobot Enigma to combine into Volcanicus? Do I get to choose which Grimlock is used in the combination, or does the game default to the one on the battlefield?
You can choose either one.
Source: Rules Roundup 2019-06-28
If I can keep the original Grimlock on the battlefield, what happens then, if I use him to collect another set of Wave 2 Dinobots and play another Enigma? Does the first Volcanicus get Bold 2? Do I assemble a second Volcanicus?
Yes, you can assemble multiple versions of Volcanicus. In the extraordinarily unlikely event that you are able to assemble multiple iterations of Volcanicus on the battlefield before your opponent either defeats you or flips the table over, they would each get bold 2.
Source: Rules Roundup 2019-06-28
If I have two full sets of Wave 2 Dinobots between my Battlefield and KO area and I play the Dinobot Enigma, do I get one Volcanicus or two?
One per enigma played.
Source: Rules Roundup 2019-06-28
What is the plural of "Volcanicus" anyway?
More than one Volcanicus is known as a Volcanicatrix. This is canon. Trust me. Don’t look it up.
Source: Rules Roundup 2019-06-28
If my opponent has a combined Volcanicus in their K.O. Area, and I flip Dirge to Alt Mode, does Dirge get +1 or +5 attack?
+1. Volcanicus counts as 1 character.
Source: Rules Roundup 2019-02-18
So I’m attacking with Dinobot Snarl - Desert Warrior with 8 damage counters on him, he’s attacking Volcanicus, who has Electrified Spikes on him. Snarl flipped enough damage to KO Volcanicus, but for Volcanicus’ defense flip, he hit the two orange pips to activate Electrified Spikes. Which would do the KO damage on Snarl. So how is damage assigned? And whose damage goes first? Or is this a double KO?
Electrified Spikes’ ability happens before attack damage, so in this scenario, Volcanicus would save himself with Electrified Spikes and KO Dinobot Snarl - Desert Warrior. Alternatively, you could try telling Volcanicus to stop hitting himself.
Source: Rules Roundup 2019-03-08
If I have all five Wave 2 Dinobots in Bot mode in the KO Area, what happens if I play Dinobot Enigma? Will Volcanicus essentially rise from the dead at 1 health?
You can combine Volcanicus and he will remain in the KO area with full damage. In order to combine Volcanicus onto the battlefield, you must have at least one active Combiner piece Dinobot on the battlefield.
Source: Rules Roundup 2019-03-08
If I start my game with Wave 1 Dinobot Sludge and Wave 2 Grimlock and Dinobot Swoop. After I was able to bring the rest of my Wave 2 Dinobots into the KO area, Grimlock is KO’d and Dinobot Sludge was the only card left on my battlefield in bot mode. On my turn, I played the Dinobot Enigma and then flipped Dinobot Sludge to take all of his damage, was this correct? Also, what if I had played a Brainstorm then an I Still Function! and then a Dinobot Enigma after which I would flip Dinobot Sludge? Is that a better scenario?
In your first scenario, Volcanicus appears on the battlefield with 55 damage counters on him. In your second scenario, you can I Still Function! one of the five Dinobots and then use the Dinobot Engima to form Volcanicus. Volcanicus will have 54 damage counters on him (because of the 1 damage ISF! repairs). No matter what, he will be KO’d at the end of the turn, so repairing him with Dinobot Sludge probably won’t do a lot.
Source: Rules Roundup 2019-05-28
Does the I Still Function! + Dreadwing rule apply generally to Combiners or is it specific to Dreadwing’s method of Combination? Suppose I control Dinobot Sludge - Mighty Stomper and have the five Dinobot components in my KO Area. Can I Brainstorm+ I Still Function! + Dinobot Enigma and expect to keep Volcanicus at the end of the turn?
The same ruling applies. If you I Still Function! One of the Dinobots and then play Dinobot Enigma, at the end of your turn, Volcanicus will be KO’d.
Source: Rules Roundup 2019-02-28
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Deck Traits: Autobot Dinobot Melee Specialist Leader Truck Ranged
40🂠 100★ in deck and 8🂠 33★ in sideboard Added by Spark-Kirin Modified on Sep 19, '21

Volcanicus 39★
Fiery Champion
Dinobot Sludge 8★
Mighty Stomper
Dinobot Snarl 7★
Desert Warrior
Grimlock 10★
Dinobot Leader
Dinobot Sludge 8★
Dino Demolitions
Dinobot Slug 8★
Battering Ram

3x Heroic Spotlight 1★
Used with Autobots
Jurassic Punch 1★
Used with Volcanicus, Fiery Champion
3x Rampage 1★
Used with Dinobots
We Fix! 1★
Used with Dinobot Sludge, Mighty Stomper
3x Brutal Conditioning 1★
Used with Melee Characters
Inferno 12★
Fearless Firefighter
Optimus Prime 13★
Battlefield Legend
Heat Resistant Body 1★
Used with Inferno, Fearless Firefighter
Protection 1★
Used with Inferno, Fearless Firefighter
1 Swerve
2 Crystal of Power
1 Master of Metallikato
2 Apex Armor 2★
2 Spotlights 1★
Regular Actions
1 Espionage
1 Fuel Cache 1★
1 Plunder 1★
1 Wedge Formation
1 Hand-to-Hand Combat
1 Spymaster's Ruse
1 Assault Formation
1 Knack
1 CNA-Encoded Armory
1 Give Me Your Face
1 Scrounging For Energon
1 Shield Crash
1 Fearless
Secret Actions
1 Lose the Initiative
1 Speed Trap
1 Cloud Cover
1 Withdrawal Protocol
1 Loading The Cannon
1 Lose The Battle...
1 What Lies Beyond
1 Energon Axe
1 Grenade Launcher
1 RR Disruptor Blade
1 Master Sword
1 Cosmic Rust Cannon
1 Grimlock's Sword 2★
1 Lock-On Lasers
1 Blast Shield
1 Electrified Spikes
1 Ultra Magnus Armor 2★
1 Emergency Barricade
1 Ghost Shield
1 Apex Armor 2★
1 Jaws of Steel
1 Matrix of Leadership
1 Tandem Targeting System
1 Staggering Might
1 Spotlights 1★
1 Inhibitor Release
Other Upgrades
1 Crystal of Power
Deck Stats
20 action cards
  13 regular action cards
  7 secret action cards
20 upgrade cards
  7 weapon cards
  6 armor cards
  6 utility cards

Sets Used In Deck
Wave 1: 9 cards
Wave 1C: 1 cards
Wave 2: 5 cards
Wave 3: 3 cards
Wave 4: 3 cards
Wave 5: 16 cards
Ark 1: 8 cards
ATP-2: 4 cards
ATP-4: 1 cards
Primus Pack 1: 2 cards
BFA: World|Strike: 10 cards
TROP: Phase 1: 1 cards
ATP-1: 5 cards
Energon Edition: 1 cards
Battle Icons in Deck
18 icons on 18 cards (45%)
14 icons on 14 cards (35%)
8 icons on 8 cards (20%)
16 icons on 15 cards (38%)
20 icons on 17 cards (43%)
0 icons on 0 cards (0%)
Battle Simulator
Set Tough/Bold:
Likelihood of Flipping
+2 Bonus Flip: 37%
Espionage: 7%
Wedge Formation: 7%
Lose the Initiative: 6%
Speed Trap: 7%
Spymaster's Ruse: 7%
Assault Formation: 7%
Cloud Cover: 7%
Lock-On Lasers: 7%
Knack: 7%
Give Me Your Face: 7%
Loading The Cannon: 6%
Lose The Battle...: 7%
Scrounging For Energon: 7%
Shield Crash: 7%
What Lies Beyond: 7%