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Set: Titan Masters Attack
Number: 023
Rarity: Rare
K[K] Titan Master
K[K] Titan Master

Tap one of your characters in body mode 🠪 Tap an enemy that has 10 or fewer and is in bot mode or body mode.
Relevant Rulings
Taken from the Aequitas FAQ
Bruticus’s attack trigger counts the number of cards with a {B} battle icon, not the total number of {B} icons he flipped. Hybrid icons still count as an icon of the appropriate color, even if the flipping character doesn’t have a matching Trait, so if Bruticus were to flip a Headbutt (a card with two Hybrid {B}/Titan Master battle icons), it would still count towards the trigger, even though Bruticus does not have the Titan Master trait. You do not have to choose the defender, or even the same enemy, for each damage done by Bruticus’s attack trigger. If Bruticus flips three cards with a {B} battle icon each, you may do all three damage to a single enemy, split the damage between two enemies 2-1, or do 1 damage to each of three enemies. Battle Cards
Source: ARK:Wave 1 FAQ
This card is not used in any public decks