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Valuable Contract
Set: Siege II
Number: 062
Rarity: Rare
Utility Upgrade

When the upgraded character does enough attack damage to KO an enemy 🠪 Use this card's Bounty ability. Bounty 🠪 Choose a battle card you own from outside the game that has exactly 1 ★ and put it into your hand.
Relevant Rulings
Taken from the Aequitas FAQ
Do I have to show my opponent which card I’m putting into my hand?
Yes. Your opponent is allowed to see the card and verify it has exactly 1 star.
Source: Wave 4 FAQ
Say I upgrade a character that already has a Bounty ability with Valuable Contract. If it does enough attack damage to an enemy to KO it, what happens?
In that case, you’ll get to use both Bounty abilities in either order. You can’t use the character’s Bounty ability twice or Valuable Contract’s Bounty ability twice though.
Source: Wave 4 FAQ
In bot mode, Optimus Prime, Dark Awakening gains the benefits of his faction Upgrade ability as long as the faction Upgrades on him aren’t Autobot or Quintesson. As of this (FAQ's) writing, these are all the faction Upgrades that Optimus Prime, Dark Awakening can utilize to buff your team. Autobot: Decepticon: Mercenary: Quintesson:
Source: BFA World|Strike:Wave 1 FAQ
Recent Decks Using This Card
Deck Traits: Decepticon Titan Ranged Tank Car Melee
42🂠 37★ in deck and 2🂠 2★ in sideboard Added by Broke Box Modified on May 21, '21
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Trypticon 24★
Assault Base
Brunt 4★
Artillery Drone
Full-Tilt 4★
Base Recon
Wipe-Out 4★
Devoted Minion

1 Even The Score 1★
1 Indestructible Sword 1★
Regular Actions
3 Leap Into Battle
3 Battlefield Incursion
2 Energy Transfer
1 Head-On Collision
2 New Orders
1 Overwhelming Advantage
1 Relentless Invasion 1★
1 Reprocess
Secret Actions
2 Backfire
1 Sabotaged Armaments
2 Stable Cover
1 Armed Hovercraft
2 Kinetic Intensifier Whip
1 Soldier's Blaster
3 Sturdy Javelin
2 Adaptive Plating
1 Hazardous Shield
2 Increased Durability
1 Lucky Vest
2 Medic's Protective Field
1 Terrifying Resilience
1 Kinetic Converter
1 Pocket Processor
3 Shoulder Holster
2 Valuable Contract
Deck Stats
19 action cards
  14 regular action cards
  5 secret action cards
23 upgrade cards
  7 weapon cards
  9 armor cards
  7 utility cards

Sets Used In Deck
Wave 1: 4 cards
Wave 4: 40 cards
Wave 4A: 4 cards
Battle Icons in Deck
5 icons on 5 cards (12%)
13 icons on 13 cards (31%)
10 icons on 10 cards (24%)
7 icons on 7 cards (17%)
10 icons on 10 cards (24%)
1 icons on 1 cards (2%)
Battle Simulator
Set Tough/Bold:
Likelihood of Flipping
+2 Bonus Flip: 43%
Battlefield Incursion: 20%
Overwhelming Advantage: 7%
Pocket Processor: 7%
Reprocess: 7%
Soldier's Blaster: 7%