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Multi-Missile Pod
Set: Siege II
Number: 005
Rarity: Rare
Weapon Upgrade

Put on Planes Plane or Helicopters Helicopter only. Up to 3 Multi-Missile Pods can fit in 1 Weapon slot. When the upgraded character attacks 🠪 You may scrap this. If you do, do damage to each enemy equal to the number of Multi-Missile Pods scrapped from the upgraded character this battle.
Relevant Rulings
Taken from the Aequitas FAQ
Let’s say I have three Multi-Missile Pods and I decide to FIRE ALL THE MISSILES! What happens?
Although you can totally FIRE ALL THE MISSILES, you still do it one at a time. So first you scrap one that will do 1 damage. Then you scrap the second to do 2 damage. Finally you scrap the last one to do 3 damage. 6 damage total.
Source: Wave 4 FAQ
Question regarding interaction between Backup Bag and weapons which can be scrapped during attack (e.g. Sturdy Javelin and Multi-Missile Pod). If I choose to scrap the weapon and it's saved by Backup Bag, can I choose to scrap it again during the same attack?
No. It scraps as a result of a triggered ability, which does not trigger again. You would have to somehow attack a second time.
Source: Rules Roundup 2019-11-22
This card will also allow you to play in multiples Weapons that can fit into a single Weapons slot, including Tentacle Upgrades and Multi-Missile Pod.
Source: BFA World|Strike:Wave 1 FAQ
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40🂠 25★ in deck and 7🂠 6★ in sideboard Added by Ares Modified on Dec 3, '20
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Slipstream 8★
Strategic Seeker
Windsweeper 10★
Air Defense
Redwing 6★

Saturation Bombing 1★
Used with Windsweeper, Air Defense
Skydive 5★
Air Warfare Specialist
1 Bolt of Lightning 1★
3 Special Delivery
3 Nitro Booster
Regular Actions
3 Bombing Run
2 Marksmanship
2 Smelt
3 Steady Shot
3 Camien Crash
3 Hit and Run
3 Scouting Mission
2 Aerial Superiority
Secret Actions
3 Concealing Contrails
3 Armed Hovercraft
2 Energon Axe
3 Multi-Missile Pod
3 Fusion Borer
3 Force Field
2 Decoy Flares
Deck Stats
24 action cards
  21 regular action cards
  3 secret action cards
16 upgrade cards
  11 weapon cards
  5 armor cards
  0 utility cards

Sets Used In Deck
Wave 1: 11 cards
Wave 2: 6 cards
Wave 3: 3 cards
Wave 4: 6 cards
Wave 5: 22 cards
Ark 1: 3 cards
Wave 1C: 1 cards
Battle Icons in Deck
0 icons on 0 cards (0%)
21 icons on 21 cards (53%)
6 icons on 6 cards (15%)
2 icons on 2 cards (5%)
23 icons on 20 cards (50%)
2 icons on 2 cards (5%)
Battle Simulator
Set Tough/Bold:
Likelihood of Flipping
+2 Bonus Flip: 28%
Smelt: 12%