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Installing & Using Tabletop Simulator
Tabletop Simulator can be purchased on Steam. It's normally $20, but often goes on sale for $10.

Transformers TCG Deck Building by CKirk

Installation and Setup Instructions by KingNaga

Go into the Workshop tab before opening the game.

Scroll and find these two: Transformers TCG The Card Game by Starblazed and Transformers TCG Deck Building by CKirk.

Click on each (you may need to search again after going back) and click the Subscribe button.

Once you've subscribed to both you're good to open a server and load the base mod (Starblazed, Wave 1 box art). Hit create, then Single Player for just yourself or Multiplayer if you have friends joining you.

Once you've made the server you should see the options there. you can click the base mod (W1 art) and load it. If it doesn't show, hit the Workshop tab and it should be in there.

This is the beautiful table

Then, to load all community stuff you'll find the games cube at the top. This will load the games screen. Go to the other mod (Ckirk, Wave 4 box art) and in the top right hand corner of that images box you'll see the tree dots. Click those and select additive load and it will load the bags in with the community stuff.