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Extra Life November
Date(s): November 8th, 2020
Format: Junkion
Location: Webcams
20$ entry fee. 50% of all entry will be donated to Dan's Extra Life Campaign. The other 50% into the Prize pool. Each Round there will be a random Door prize Given out.
Players & Decks:
1st Scott Landis
2nd Kathoga
3rd SDotAkuma
4th Ogar
5th GrizzlyGiblets
6th Ozzy
7th viewtifulkye
8th IamZiggy
9th Psychosmurf96
Permitted Sets:
Wave One
Rise of the Combiners
Siege I
Siege II
Titan Masters Attack
Banned Cards:
Sergeant Springer
Raider Tailwind
Private Powertrain
Decks have not yet been set for this tournament