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How to Play Online
The Methods Covered Here
Webcams: Players play the game as they would if they were in person, using their actual cards and a webcam pointed at their table.
Tabletop Simulator: Purchasable through Steam, it simulates a full tabletop in 3D.
OCTGN: A free Windows program that simulates card games in a 2D environment.

Where To Find People To Play With
Team Bayformer's Discord has players of all caliber with a focus on keeping the game.
Alpha Trion Protocols' Discord focuses more on the competitive side of the game.
Turbo Revving Old Punks' Discord is a bit more casual with a leaning towards Australian timezones.
The Transformers Trading Card Game is the largest Facebook group for the game.

A Note on Etiquette Written by Brian Blair
• Remember its hard to read text for context. Try and communicate clearly but with as friendly demeanor as possible. If someone makes a mistake, it can often be because of glitches, mis-hit buttons, confusion because of the format or unfamiliarity with OCTGN.
• Friendly Communication is key. Youll see many of the same people over the months playing the game and can develop a rich international community with positive vibes.
• Its good practice to say hello and goodbye before and after your games. Win or lose,a "gg" or "Good Game", "Thanks for the game" etc. is like a handshake at the end of a match and is considered good sportsmanship.