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What is Teletraan I?
Teletraan I is designed to be as helpful as possible with the Transformers TCG. It can help you keep tabs on your card collection, giving you a single need/want list to link to people. It has a deck builder with deck stats and a built-in Battle Simulator. Teletraan I also keeps track of the major community-made sets, making it easy to find the ones you're looking for. Teletraan I is constantly improving and always trying to be better.

Help, Info, & Downloads
All About Community Sets: An explanation of what community sets are, which ones are most used, and which are supported by Teletraan I.
Downloads & Printing: Ready-to-print PDFs for community sets, OCTGN packages for community sets, and more
How to Play Online: Instructions on how to setup and use OCTGN, Tabletop Simulator, webcams, and where to find people to play with.
Details & Help w/ Teletraan I: Includes an FAQ, instructions, history of the site, and some thank yous.
Upcoming & Ongoing Tournaments
Analysis of past tournaments available on the tournaments page
Tournament Signup Location Eligible Sets Format Date(s)
World|Strike Tournament Season One: Encounter 1 Link Webcams Full Constructed Official WotC sets, Wave BFA World|Strike Feb 8th - Mar 8th
What's New
Updates to Teletraan I & recent content from community creators
New video from Arbitrary Hero Mar 6th
Conversion Conversations: Transformers TCG Casual Play Livestream
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Energon Hustlers: Thunderwing & ASP vs Ark Cars
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Brewing: Evolving Language
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Cranky Soundwave VS Drift Works - Titan One
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Conversion Conversations: Transformers TCG ATP Menasor Deck Tech
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Energon Hustlers: Sharkticons vs LLOD Omega Supreme
New video from BlueVsOrange TCG Mar 1st
Blue Vs Orange-Shorts-Spare Parts
New Teletraan I Feature: Recent Community Content Feb 28th
Teletraan I will now list recent content for a variety of creators within the community. It currently checks 12 different feeds. If you'd like to have yours added, don't hesitate to contact me!
New video from Arbitrary Hero Feb 27th
Conversion Conversations: Transformers TCG EoTM Round 4 Livestream
New video from Energon Hustlers Feb 27th
Energon Hustlers: Starscream & ASP vs Springer, Huffer & Brawn