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What is Teletraan I?
Teletraan I is designed to be as helpful as possible with the Transformers TCG. It can help you keep tabs on your card collection, giving you a single need/want list to link to people. It has a deck builder with deck stats and a built-in Battle Simulator. Teletraan I also keeps track of the major community-made sets, making it easy to find the ones you're looking for. Teletraan I is constantly improving and always trying to be better. Below are some handy reference links that will answer most of your questions about the game and its current status.

FAQ & Beginner's Guide: An FAQ and welcome guide for those just learning about the game.
All About Community Sets: An explanation of what community sets are, which ones are most used, and which are supported by Teletraan I.
Downloads & Printing: Ready-to-print PDFs for community sets, OCTGN packages for community sets, and more
How to Play Online: Instructions on how to setup and use OCTGN, Tabletop Simulator, and webcams for playing online.
Details On Teletraan I: Instructions on how to use Teletraan I and a history of the site, along with some thank yous.
Aequitas: Contains all official rules & rulings from WotC in an easy to search database, as well as Aequitas ruling updates.
Upcoming & Ongoing Tournaments
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What's New
Updates to Teletraan I & recent content from community creators
Like a bullet train in the sky Jun 15th
Dave (from The Energon Hustlers) has been hard at work on the upcoming set Turbo Revving Old Punks: Phase 1. With additional play testing from members of both The Ark and Team Bayformers, it's shaping up to be a great looking set. Teletraan I was given a spoiler to show off, so I'll let Dave introduce it.

"Well here it is - a fan fave character who certainly didn't get his dues from WOTC - Astrotrain! We have enjoyed working on this one - it really takes him to another level of power - enabling OA fast and also making his flips valuable. We hope you like it!"

This card really invokes the feel of Astrotrain's Siege toy, loading him up with all those weapons and making him into a walking arsenal.

Turbo Revving Old Punks: Phase 1 is getting it's final fit and is aiming for a July 5th release!
ATP-4 added, BFA updated Jun 15th
ATP-4 is fully added to Teletraan I now, and ready for you to build decks with. Additionally, BFA has been updated with OCTGN IDs, and can be played on OCTGN using Jihen's OCTGN set.
New video from Energon Hustlers Jun 15th
Energon Hustlers: Sharkticons Deck Profile
New video from Arbitrary Hero Jun 13th
Conversion Conversations: Transformers TCG Overwhelming Wreckers vs Major Shockwave
New video from BlueVsOrange TCG Jun 12th
A Couple of Minnesotans Spoil Galvatron for ATP-4! | Transformers TCG ATP
New video from VectorSigma.Info Jun 8th
Transformers TCG - The Protocols Ep 7 - The Final Push
Bug Fix Jun 5th
Fixed a display bug in Chrome where the DeckBox wasn't staying atop of the page when editing cards in a deck.
New video from VectorSigma.Info Jun 5th
Transformers Trading Card Game - Gears Vs Apeface - Junkion
New video from Arbitrary Hero Jun 4th
Conversion Conversations: Transformers TCG ATP 4 Spoilers!
New filtering option Jun 4th
A 'Show "Any"' option has been added to a few of the dropdown filters, such as Traits on the bot cards. You can use to filter cards by "any of the selected" rather than "all of the selected".