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Alternate Formats
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Primus is a multi-player format supporting any number of players, though four is usually the recommended number.

You have a 35★ maximum for your characters, stratagems, and battle cards.

Decks must be at least 50 battke cards, and all singletons. The exception to this is your signature Actions and Upgrades. You may choose one Upgrade and one Action to be your signature cards, allowing you to have 3 of each in your deck. These can be ★ cards, but each will count to your total ★ count.

So for example, you can have 3x Armed Hovercraft as your signature Upgrade and 3x Brainstorm as your signature Action, but then you'd need 44 other unique cards.

At the beginning of the game, you must announce which signature cards you're using.

You begin the game with 4 cards in hand (as opposed to 3 normally), and still draw 1 at the beginning of your turn.

As with a normal game, the first player may not play any cards on their first turn, but they may flip a card and tap a card. Each subsequent player may play one card for the rest of the first turn. Once everyone has had their first turn, normal "action, upgrade, flip, tap" limits apply.

Two-Pack Turbo
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Two Lwosers
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