Darkmount Decepticon Shockwave Offroad
Blast Shield Grenade Launcher Improvised Shield Roll Out! Tandem Targeting System Espionage Field Communicator Work Overtime Callous Leadership W-5 Gyro Blaster Composite Armor Crystal of Power Emergency Barricade Ghost Shield Hull Down Master Sword Overrule Cloud Cover Cosmic Rust Cannon Must Die Sometime Reverse Engineer Inhibitor Release Oxidize Ambition Elite Enamel Mediate Powerful Piledrivers Loading The Cannon Lost In Transit What Lies Beyond Bracing Up Diffraction Sword Drill Fingers Extended Duration Mission Locking it Up Revving Up Summon the Courage Take the Shot Agile Formation Rapid Response Cycle
Stunticon Swagger RR Disruptor Blade Inner Groove Scout Armor Knack Oxidize Struggle For Power Armor Axe Bring the Rain Untiring Parma Shield Advanced Technology Straxus Lives! Brutal Conditioning Combat Deck Materiel War This Shall Be Your Ship Megatron/Ratchet