Villainous Spotlight Rough And Tumble A House Divided Bonecrusher Hook Longhaul Mixmaster Scavenger Scrapper Flamewar
Body Armor Brainstorm Crushing Size Data Pad Debilitating Crystal Drill Arms Energon Axe Force Field Grenade Launcher Handheld Blaster Leap Into Battle Power Sword Rapid Conversion Ready For Action Reinforced Plating Swap Missions The Bigger They Are Thermal Weaponry Bashing Shield Handheld Blaster Inverted! Vandalize Builder's Tools Constructicon Enigma Reclaim Work Overtime Bolster Calculated Strike Dampening Field HV Electron Breacher Laser Cutlass Pep Talk RR Disruptor Blade Scavenge the Battlefield Steady Shot Adaptive Plating Designated Target Hidden Fortification Increased Durability Indestructible Sword Involuntary Promotion New Orders Overheat Pincer Movement Terrifying Resilience Belligerence Blade Flurry Emergency Barricade End Hostilities Scout Armor Never Give Up Inhibitor Release