No Matter The Odds Captain Impactor Infinitus Autobot Highbrow Autobot Xort Minimus Ambus Perceptor
Armed Hovercraft Brainstorm Disarm Disruptive Entrance Energon Axe Handheld Blaster Heroism Inspiring Leadership Leap Into Battle Matrix of Leadership Primary Laser Reinforced Plating Roll Out! Security Checkpoint Swap Missions The Bigger They Are Backup Beam Bashing Shield Bravery Enforcement Batons Escape Route Espionage Heavy-Handed Marksmanship Noble's Blaster Pep Talk Smelt Sparring Gear Vaporize Battlefield Scan Calculated Strike Dismantle Erratic Energy Grenade Extra Padding Infiltrate Repurpose RR Disruptor Blade Smoke Cloak Smokethrower Steady Shot Designated Target Dual Wield Hidden Fortification Increased Durability Involuntary Promotion Minor Medic Kit Pocket Processor Point Position Sabotaged Armaments Shoulder Holster Showing Off Soldier's Blaster Stable Cover Unflinching Courage Belligerence Brass Knuckles Camien Crash Concealing Contrails Counterespionage Crystal of Power Emergency Repair Patch End Hostilities Energon Mace Enhanced Power Cell Fusion Borer Grav-Inhibitor Hit and Run Hold the Line Holomatter Projector Industrial-grade Phase Charge Laser Scalpel Last Stand Master of Metallikato Mission Briefing Paralyzo Box Scouting Mission Spy Satellite Uplink Catch Off-Guard Interrogation Despite Any Difficulty Absorption Core Reflector Cell Relentless Pursuit Skillful Display Downfall Protocol Guardian Shell Hunt Down Knack Reverse Engineer Will Of The Protocols Time Skip