Villainous Spotlight Barrage Insecticon Skrapnel Kickback Ransack Venin
Crushing Size Data Bank Drill Arms Energon Axe Equipment Enthusiast Flamethrower Force Field Grenade Launcher I Still Function! Incoming Transmission Ramming Speed Scrapper Gauntlets Supercharge Swarm! Ancient Wisdom Backup Beam Bashing Shield Enforcement Batons Erratic Lightning Mounted Missiles Power Punch Reckless Charge Scoundrel's Blaster Swindled Basic Combat Protocol Combat Dagger Full Loadout Heat of Battle Even The Score Fight For Position Kinetic Intensifier Whip Medic's Protective Field Pocket Processor Reprocess Wedge Formation Belligerence End Hostilities Fusion Borer Handheld Blaster Improvised Shield Magnetic Dysfunction Ray Master of Metallikato Precision Fire Bullseye Aegis Take By Surprise Never Give Up