Villainous Spotlight High-Speed Chase Looking To Scrap Breakdown Dead End Decepticon Drag Strip Offroad Motormaster
Disruption Disruptive Entrance Drill Arms Energon Axe Force Field Grenade Launcher Handheld Blaster Photon Bomb Power Sword Scrapper Gauntlets Thermal Weaponry Treasure Hunt Bashing Shield Espionage Leap of Faith Scoundrel's Blaster Sparring Gear Steamroll Stunticon Enigma Swindled Calculated Strike Dampening Field Energy Pack Fuel Cache New Orders Pocket Processor Sabotaged Armaments Soldier's Blaster Stable Cover Belligerence End Hostilities Fusion Borer Hold the Line Magnetic Dysfunction Ray Master of Metallikato Precision Fire Spy Satellite Uplink Ionizer Sword Armored Assault Aura of Dominance Despite Any Difficulty Reflector Cell Adamantine Frame Guardian Shell Must Die Sometime Will Of The Protocols