Megatron Mercenary Bumblebee Scourge
Brainstorm Crushing Size Energon Axe Force Field Scrapper Gauntlets Backup Beam Bashing Shield Enforcement Batons Espionage Leap of Faith Scoundrel's Blaster Sparring Gear Scavenge the Battlefield Increased Durability Opportune Offensive Overwhelming Advantage Pocket Processor Terrifying Resilience Counterespionage End Hostilities Magnetic Dysfunction Ray Master of Metallikato Spy Satellite Uplink Lock-On Lasers Spotlights Despite Any Difficulty Nothing To Lose Opportunism Reflector Cell
Disarm Matrix of Leadership Leap of Faith Point Position Belligerence End Hostilities Energon Mace Lose the Initiative Spotlights Absorption Core Raider Ratbat Raider Rumble Raider Overkill Soundwave