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Download Releases & Sets
Choose which set you'd like to download, and what format you'd like it. The PDFs do not have bleed, and are typically meant for printing at home or places like Office Depot. The ZIPs are individual images with bleed, and intended for professionally printed cards.
Bleed is extra area added around the card that is cut off during professional printing on to cards.

All files have been automatically generated from Teletraan I's database of cards, and an attempt is made for them all to be uniform and easy to print.
WotC Sets
Wave 1 PDF ZIP
Metroplex Set PDF ZIP
2018 Convention Pack PDF ZIP
Autobot Starter Set PDF ZIP
Rise of the Combiners PDF ZIP
Devastator Set PDF ZIP
Bumblebee vs Megatron Starter Set PDF ZIP
Blaster vs Soundwave Set PDF ZIP
Blaster vs Soundwave: 35th Anniversary Edition PDF ZIP
2019 Convention Omnibots Pack PDF ZIP
Trypticon Set PDF ZIP
Titan Masters Attack PDF ZIP
Fortress Maximus Set PDF ZIP
Energon Edition PDF ZIP
Community Sets
BFA: World|Strike PDF ZIP
Turbo Revving Old Punks: Phase 1 PDF ZIP
Turbo Revving Old Punks: Monster Menagerie PDF ZIP
Primus Pack 1 PDF ZIP
Primus Pack 2 PDF ZIP
Unicron Raid PDF ZIP
Additional Downloads
Teletraa 1's OCTGN pack [Download w/ Images] Updated December 31st
This adds all community sets on Teletraan I to the Transformers TCG OCTGN mod. It also fixes some typos and errors from the original mod. With approval from Jihen, this is meant as a replacement for his OCTGN pack.

Jihen's Community Packs for OCTGN [Download ATP Sets] [Download Bayformers Sets] [Download TROP Sets] Updated July 4th 2021
Jihen has created downloadable packs to add additional sets to OCTGN. To install, simply unzip to your OCTGN Data directory. His GitHub offers additional sets not supported by Teletraan I.

Community Sets
PDFs and ZIPs created by the Card Set Downloader are auto-generated on the fly from Teletraan I's library of card images. Original download links are listed below.
Ark 1 by The Ark Using v1 updated Nov 26th, 2020
ATP-1 by Alpha Trion Protocols Using v1.3 from Nov 13th, 2020
ATP-2 by Alpha Trion Protocols Using v1 from Nov 26th, 2020
ATP-3 by Alpha Trion Protocols Using v1 from Feb 28th, 2021
ATP-4 by Alpha Trion Protocols Using v1 from Jun 16th, 2021
ATP-5 by Alpha Trion Protocols Using v1 from Oct 23rd, 2021
BFA: World|Strike by Team Bayformers Using v1.1 from March 19th, 2021
TROP: Phase 1 by Turbo Revving Old Punks Using v1 from July 1st, 2021
Primus Pack 1 by Alpha Trion Protocols Linked set from Nov 4th, 2020. However, Teletraan I uses newer versions from Nov 19th that were only shared in Discord.
Primus Pack 2 by Alpha Trion Protocols by Alpha Trion Protocols [small]Using v1 from Sep 23, 2021, but files were not posted to a website for download
Unicron Raid by The Ark Using v1 from Nov 26th, 2020
Printing Cards
You primarily have two choices when it comes to printing cards (community set or otherwise). The first, cheapest, and easiest option is to print them on your home printer or at a office supply store like Staples. If you want something more substantial but costs more, you can also get them professionaly on card stock.

At Home & Office Printing
If you want physical copies of the cards right now and quality doesn't matter, print them on your home printer. The easiest option would be to download the cards as a single PDF without bleed. Once all printed, take some scissors and spend some time cutting them out.

If you want something a little nicer but still very affordable, then you can print them at a place like Staples or Office Depot. I personally haven't printed at Staples before, but I have used Office Depot many times and I imagine the setup and outcome is very similar.

First, download the set(s) you want to print as a single PDF without bleed. I like to use their 100lb &Gloss cover premium white& paper. Make sure "Keep Size" is selected, you don't want them to scale this down at all. Once printed and cut out, sleeve the battle cards over an existing card (like Zap or something) it'll look very much like a real card. For the character cards, they're laid out as such that you should be able to glue their pages back-to-back and then cut.

Professional Printing
If you wish to have copies that feel and handle like the real deal, then you'll need to get them professionally printed. Brian Alan a good post on Facebook about this which is quoted below. You can read the full discussion on Facebook thread discussing printing options.

Written by Brian Alan
I just ran some rough numbers on getting two of the larger fan sets printed at MakePlayingCards and here's what I came up with:
-Getting roughly 24 character-sized cards (3.5" x 5") and 164ish to 240ish battle cards/small characters/strat-sized cards (2.5" x 3.5") should be about $60-$75ish, with shipping probably running you about $20 on top of that, possibly more if you're not in the US.
-If someone is charging you $80+ish and you're not getting 150+ cards, you're getting suckered.
-You can bring that cost down significantly by partnering with other local or even local-ish people who may be interested (discount on buying multiples and saving on shipping).
-If you don't mind paying a LITTLE extra, you can also get your small characters and strats with holofoil on one side.
-There's not a cost-effective option right now to have MPC do a holofoil side on 3.5" x 5" cards. I emailed them to check on the cost and it's pretty ridonk ($95 for a deck of 84 regular character-sized cards).
-They don't print Titan-sized cards. I might just recommend ordering two matte (not glossy) 6" x 8" photos and putting them back to back in a sleeve/top loader.