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Cards of the Day for 2022
22nd: Anti-Grav Cell
23rd: Starscream
24th: Medic's Protective Field
25th: Bombshell
26th: Specialist Ratchet
27th: Unstoppable
1st: Decepticon Doublecrosser
2nd: Crankcase
3rd: In The Name of Slingshot
4th: Bumblebee
5th: Sergeant Kup
6th: Sweep
7th: Quite A Haul
8th: Beachcomber
9th: Omega Supreme (Spaceship)
10th: Arm the Lonely
11th: Paralyzo Box
12th: Leap of Faith
13th: Sergeant Kup
14th: Dreadwind
15th: Sky-Byte
16th: The Touch
19th: Skywarp
20th: Flamethrower
21st: Traffic Checkpoint
22nd: Leap Into Battle
23rd: Trithyllium Shield
24th: Relentless Invasion
25th: The Dweller Awakens
26th: Fangry
28th: Sergeant Hound
29th: Private Powertrain
30th: Vorpal Fangs
31st: Captain Elita-1
1st: Ramhorn
2nd: Private Camshaft
3rd: Bumblebee
4th: Sharkticon Mace
5th: Captain Impactor
6th: Spare Parts
7th: Beast Mode
9th: Bumblebee
10th: Autobot Novastar
11th: Raider Aimless
12th: Whipped Into Shape
13th: Cooling Vents
14th: Fusion Borer
15th: Backup Bag
16th: Confidence
17th: Basic Combat Protocol
19th: Opportune Repairs
20th: Do It With Style!
22nd: Bumblebee
24th: Unfathomable Motives
25th: Forked Tentacle
26th: Rum-Maj
27th: Reroute Enemy Vectors
30th: Tread Bolt
1st: Enhanced Fusion Cannon
2nd: Sharkticon Matrix
3rd: Obstructive Rhythm
4th: Red Wizard
5th: Raider Detour
6th: Stim Shock
7th: Private Tote
8th: Out of the Way Hot Rod!
9th: Scrapper Gauntlets
10th: Reinforced Plating
11th: Scavenge the Battlefield
12th: Patrol the Perimeter
13th: Scan the Vaults
14th: Slitherfang
15th: Crack Back
16th: Blurr
17th: Sharkticon Peck
18th: Lucky Vest
19th: Jaws of Steel
20th: Secret Missive
22nd: High Beam Headlights
23rd: Sergeant Cog
24th: Assault Protocol
25th: Black Mail
26th: Slipstream
27th: Allicon Aronik
28th: Sideswipe
29th: Lord Zarak
31st: Contract Contingency
1st: Sitrep Update
3rd: Raider Brunt
4th: Huffer
6th: Raider Nova Storm
7th: Energy Transfer
8th: Point-Defense System
9th: Lord Megatron
10th: Topspin
11th: Salvage for Parts
12th: Power Sword
13th: Callous Leadership
14th: It's As Good As Used!
15th: More Guns
16th: Scourge
17th: Spiked Bracelet
18th: Polydermal Graft
19th: Hidden Fortification
20th: Ashtray
21st: Impervious
22nd: Sharkticon Gnaw
23rd: Starscream's Brigade
24th: Swap Heads
25th: Intelligence Mission
26th: Two Foes, Two Fists
29th: Emergency Repair Patch
30th: Sentinel Enigma
1st: Me Grimlock Mash Brains!
2nd: Take the Shot
3rd: What Lies Beyond
6th: Up In Smoke
7th: Cyclonus
8th: Well-Worn Armor
9th: MTX-S2A Guided Missile Launcher
10th: Prowl
11th: Monxo
12th: Galvatron
13th: Armor Piercing Munitions
14th: Overrule
15th: Private Flak
16th: Hold the Line
17th: Cooling of Tensions
18th: Electro-Static Shielding
19th: Enhanced Power Cell
20th: Banzai-Tron
21st: Quartermaster
22nd: Lockdown
23rd: Major Soundwave
24th: Raider Laserbeak
25th: Raider Needlenose
26th: Inner Groove
27th: Prime's New Arm
28th: Specialist Sandstorm
29th: Wipe-Out
30th: Unleash Potential
31st: Barrel Rolling
1st: Sergeant Chromia
1st: Windblade
2nd: Shard of the Divine Light
3rd: Dino-Chomp!
4th: Inquisitor Drebzik
5th: Pack Behavior
6th: System Reboot
7th: Junkion Nancy
8th: Touch of Quintessa
9th: Wingspan
10th: Trypticon
11th: Improvised Shield
12th: Gilthor
13th: Rumble
14th: Anticipation Engine
15th: Kinetic Converter
16th: Wolfwire
17th: Toolbox
18th: Spread Democracy!
19th: The Great Escape
20th: Queen of the Junkyard
21st: Vorath
22nd: Captain Ironhide
23rd: Bluestreak
24th: Cargo Trailer
25th: Private Top Shot
26th: Attack Drone
27th: Aspect of Laughter
28th: Crystal of Power
29th: Sharkticon Biter
30th: Megatron
31st: Brunt
1st: Twisted Logic
2nd: Highbrow
3rd: Tech Research
4th: Raider Hyperdrive
5th: Horri-Bull
6th: Unicron
7th: Secret Dealings
8th: Perceptor
9th: Dare to Be Stupid!
10th: Electro-Optical Visor
11th: Trithyllium Plating
12th: Debilitating Crystal
13th: Rabblerouser
14th: Medic!
15th: Skytread (Plane)
16th: Soundwave
17th: Drill Arms
18th: Autobot Jazz
19th: Intrusion Countermeasures Software
20th: Raider Triggerhappy
21st: Ramhorn
22nd: Throttle
23rd: Even The Score
24th: Blast Off
25th: Ion Blaster of Optimus Prime
26th: Maceration Laser
27th: Predacon Headstrong
28th: Showing Off
29th: Captain Omega Supreme
30th: CNA-Encoded Armory
1st: Unflinching Courage
2nd: Raider Needler
3rd: Dismantling Claw
4th: Blockbuster Moving Trailers
5th: Dinobot Snarl
6th: Cliffjumper
7th: Crude Club
8th: Alpha Bravo
9th: Heroism
10th: Regenerative Core
11th: Order in the Court
12th: Step Forward
13th: Mindwipe
14th: Silverbolt
15th: Autobot Hound
16th: Energon Mace
17th: Stock-Pyl
18th: Road Warriors
19th: Blade Flurry
20th: Heroic Spotlight
21st: Vaporize
22nd: Autobot Stylor
23rd: Nightbird
24th: Raider Nightstick
25th: Crushing Size
26th: Ninety Day Warranty!
27th: New Designs
28th: Scoundrel's Blaster
29th: Raider Runabout
30th: Spin to Deflect Stuff
31st: I've Got Your Back
1st: Omega Supreme (Tank)
2nd: Swerve
3rd: Stop the Tax and Spend!
4th: Hazardous Shield
5th: Patrol Bolas
6th: Buzzsaw, Ravage, Frenzy Attack!
7th: Noble's Blaster
8th: Me Grimlock Need New Strategy
9th: Skytread (Tank)
10th: Towering Presence
11th: Strafing Run
12th: Bad Attitude
13th: Nightbird
14th: Colossal Proportions
15th: Blitzwing
16th: Industrial-grade Phase Charge
17th: Autobot Mirage
18th: Photon Bomb
19th: Security Checkpoint
20th: Me Grimlock Say Execute Them!
21st: Roll Out!
22nd: This Shall Be Your Ship
23rd: Private Seawatch
24th: Private Trailbreaker
25th: TTC-HD Turret Armor
26th: Daring Counterattack
27th: Pep Talk
28th: Raider Storm Cloud
29th: Daring Escape
30th: Adaptive Plating
1st: Flamewar