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All About Community Sets
First and foremost...
You & your friends can play with any cards you want. At this stage in the game's (after)life, if you're meeting up with people to play then you already know eachother and know what sets you're all using. Have fun, that's what matters. Anything said in this document has no bearing on what your group does. This document is referring to what the broad community is using for both casual and organized play.

For those just (re)joining us...
When WotC canceled the Transformers TCG in July 2020, multiple groups formed within the community with the desire to continue the game. There's been a lot of talk since then on which groups "matter" and which are "official". It can be a bit confusing, even if you're pretty active in the community. This is document is an attempt to clear things up, especially for those who are new or just returning to the game.

What are community sets?
It sounds like an obvious thing to say, but community sets are sets of cards made by groups within the community. I like to use the term "community set" rather than "homemade" or "fanbrew" because it emphasis that these cards are made by well known groups with help from the community, and not by a single person who created ten cards last night. Community sets are designed and tested for months by many people who know the game extremely well, much like official WotC product was. Many of these designers are tournament champions and/or have decades of experience playing card games. Progress and some testing is usually made public, making it easier for the community to trust that the cards are well balanced. Most importantly, they're designed with the game's best interest at heart, and not simply "wouldn't it be cool if..."

Why are community sets so important? Why not stick solely to WotC sets?
I strongly believe this game will not thrive without new cards. WotC left us in a precarious situation with Wave 5. It was a very powerful set of cards, and clearly not how the designers would have ended the game. This game was not designed as a deck builder with a static set of cards, it was designed as a growing TCG. Without new cards, the game will eventually devolve to a very limited number of strategies/decks.

In addition to all that, new cards simply bring excitement. Having something new leads to further engagement. People who quit come back to see what's been happening and what's new. That is extremely important for a small community like ours that no longer has outside marketing.

Everyone is making up cards and it's impossible to know which to use!
I see this argument a lot, and while it's not wrong, it's also not relevant. People have been making up cards since the game first launched, but the vast majority of players just never used them. There's never been anything to stop a group of friends from using their own set, and there's nothing stopping that from happening now. In the same vein, many fan-made cards now will see little to no play within the broader community; just because someone shares their new set on Facebook doesn't mean the community is going to adopt it. And that's okay! Like I said at the beginning of this, your group of friends can play with whatever they want.

If you're in a TFTCG Discord they likely already list which sets they support. In a tournament situation, any tournament organizer is going to clearly state what sets they're allowing. Limiting what sets can be used is not a new idea either. There were plenty of "Siege I & II only" or "Wave 1 only" tournaments long before WotC left. Even at official events, WotC always listed which sets were allowed. Nothing about that is new.

Given time the cream will rise to the top. At the end of the day, the only sets that "matter" are the sets that people actually play with. If tournaments and the majority of the community are only using sets A & B, then you can ignore sets C & D if you want to.

What's to stop a group from making a ridiculous overpowered card?
What was stopping WotC from making such a card? Perhaps you've heard of Peace Through Tyranny? Daring Escape? Press The Advantage? Inevitably, very powerful cards will get made, however, trusted groups will not intentionally add a game-breaking card for the same reason WotC wouldn't either: they want the game to prosper. This goes back to the importance of being public about how thoroughly cards are tested, and by who. There's a big difference between having tournament winners and people with years of experience testing cards, versus people who play cassually with friends on the weekend.

What about Aequitas, they should make the new cards!
At initial face value, this sounds like the right idea. For those unaware, Aequitas is a group whose members were voted on by the community with the intent of being a rules mediator. They're a unbias group who interpret past WotC rulings as they apply to new situations. They're very good at what they do, and their decisions have been well received by the community.

That said, Aequitas was not formed as an all-ruling body. They're more like judges: they create & apply precedence, but they don't randomly create new rules. More than that, interpreting rulings is a totally different skill set than designing cards. Just because Aequitas members were voted in by the community doesn't mean they'd be good at designing & balancing cards.

But it's the Wild West and there should a unified body to make these new sets!
In an ideal world that would be the situation. It would de-complicate so much and make things much easier for people to follow, but that seems unlikely to happen any time soon. However, just because we don't have a single unified group leading us right now doesn't mean we don't have any leadership.

Currently, the game is kind of split into two groups. Think of it like the American & National football conferences, or the American & National leagues in baseball. We're all playing the same game, but there is a difference in card design philosophy.

On one side of the coin is Alpha Trion Protocols and their sets Designed with competition in mind, their regularly-ran tournaments only allow these cards and WotC cards. When they new create cards, they do so only thinking about past ATP sets and WotC sets. They focus on their own meta, and not what other groups are doing or how their cards might be used alongside other groups'.

On the other side of the coin, there's a collaborative effort between Team Bayformers, The Ark, and Turbo Revving Old Punks. While each group designs their own cards, they help each other with play testing, share ideas, and even incorporate interactions between the different groups' cards. They have a very pro-community attitude towards the game, with an emphasis on crossplay.

The game becomes much easier to follow when you choose to focus on these select groups, rather than trying to follow everything any one puts out. You know these sets been thoroughly play tested, you know their intended audience, and you can join any of the larger TF:TCG Discord servers to see games being played with them. By focusing on these sets, it becomes a far cry from "the wild west".

We will never have "official" sets again, but these are as close as it gets.

What about other groups? I played/made "Actually Really Good Set of Cards" and would love to see them on Teletraan I!
I have no doubt that there are other sets out there that are fantastic and fun. However, this article (and Teletraan I as a whole) is meant to help people. I feel being able to point and say "I know the people who made these, and I know how well they're play tested" is more helpful and easier for new/returning people than trying to list all other lesser known sets, even if they're good.

Looking to download and/or print the sets?
Instructions for that are right here!