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Implacable Tracker
Set: ATP-4
Number: 10
Available Stratagems:
Villainous Spotlight
Materiel War
Alt Mode
3   10   2   Decepticon Herald Spaceship Specialist
Stealth against characters with 14★ or more.

When you flip to this mode 🠪 Choose an enemy and move 1 damage from one of your Heralds Herald to it. If that enemy is a character with 14★ or more, move 2 damage instead.
Bot Mode
3   10   1   Decepticon Herald Specialist
Bold 2

The first time one of your characters attacks each turn and you flip at least WW 🠪 Draw a card.
The Herald Herald trait icon was updated in October 2021 to differentiate itself from Unicron Unicron race icon. Cards printed before this change should be treated as though they had the new icon.
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