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Sadistic Phase Sixer
Set: ATP-3
Number: 04
Super Rare
Available Stratagems:
Villainous Spotlight
Materiel War
Alt Mode
6   18   3   Decepticon Tank Plane Ranged
Your deck can have up to 3 extra ★ of differently named cards with one or fewer battle icons.

When you flip to this mode 🠪 Reveal the top 5 cards of your deck. Put all cards with exactly 1★ revealed this way into your hand and scrap the rest.
Bot Mode
5   18   2   Decepticon Tank Plane Ranged
This gets +1 for each character in a player's KO area.

Bold 1, Focus 1

After you flip battle cards for this character's attack and before defense flips 🠪 You may play one of your flipped cards with exactly 1★.
Relevant Rulings
Taken from the Aequitas FAQ
Which KO area do you check for the Bot Mode ability?
Both, a player’s references both players KO area
Source: Alpha Trion Protocols:Wave 3 FAQ
What does it mean to be a Tank and Plane in Bot mode?
It means that any cards that reference being in Plane or Tank mode are active in both of Overlord’s modes. This means cards like Composite Armor can be put on him in either mode. When you flip a Hull Down in either mode it is active, etc.
Source: Alpha Trion Protocols:Wave 3 FAQ
How does Hunker Down work with Overlord?
If he is in Bot mode, you will flip him to Alt mode then complete the card
Source: Alpha Trion Protocols:Wave 3 FAQ
Can I play upgrades or actions with Overlord’s attack ability?
Yes, any card with exactly one star on it can be played, actions or upgrades.
Source: Alpha Trion Protocols:Wave 3 FAQ
This card is not used in any public decks