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Autobot Architect
Set: Rise of the Combiners
Number: 26
Available Stratagems:
Heroic Spotlight
Heroic Perseverance
Combat Deck
Brutal Conditioning
Alt Mode
5   12   2   Autobot Truck Melee
When you flip to this mode 🠪 You may discard your hand. If you do and those cards have battle icons of exactly 4 different colors, do 4 damage to an enemy.
Bot Mode
4   12   Autobot Melee
When this battles and you flip battle icons of exactly 4 different colors 🠪 This gets +4 attack and +4 defense until end of turn.
Relevant Rulings
Taken from the Aequitas FAQ
Does it matter how many cards I discard this way?
No. There just needs to be exactly four different colors among the battle icons on those cards.
Source: Wave 2 and 3 FAQ
For Grapple's abilities: Does he need exactly 4 different battle icons, all with different colors or just amongst all battle icons flipped/scrapped does need to be exactly 4 colors?
You can scrap any number of cards with any number of icons from your hand, they just need to contain four different colored battle icons among them. Grapple’s ability would work if you only scrapped a Roll Out! and a Spare Parts, for example.
Source: Rules Roundup 2019-03-15
Grapple reads you get an attack/defence bonus for flipping battle icons of "exactly 4 different colors". What happens when you flip MORE than 4 colors during your turn, say green, orange, white, green and black? Does his ability still trigger? And does this also apply to his ability on other side of the card?
If a number of *colors* other than four colors is flipped, Grapple's bot mode ability will not trigger. For his alt mode ability, you can still scrap your hand, but you will only do damage if you've scrapped exactly four different battle icon colors. Editor's note: It's important when considering Grapple's abilities to make a distinction between the number of battle icon *colors* and the number of battle icons. So long as the number of battle icon colors is exactly 4, the number of cards they appear on do not matter. So, in the scenario described in this question, his ability would trigger as four colors appear, even though there are multiple instances of a green battle icon.
Source: Rules Roundup 2019-07-12
Are cards with no battle icons (such as I Still Function!) considered a separate battle icon color for Grapple - Autobot Architect's bot mode ability?
No. Cards with no battle icons would not apply to Grapple - Autobot Architect’s bot mode ability.
Source: Rules Roundup 2019-03-08
Grapple’s effect of flipping exactly 4 different icons in battle and gains +4 attack and +4 defense says “until end of turn.” Does this mean the end of me attacking or my opponent? What I’m trying to know is if Grapple’s effect triggers, will he be able to defend with +4 defense?
Your turn ends after you are done attacking. If you trigger his ability when attacking, the defense would not carry over to your opponent’s turn and vice versa.
Source: Rules Roundup 2019-03-08
This card is not used in any public decks