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Autobot Springer
Aerial Defense
Set: Rise of the Combiners
Number: T07
Rarity: Super Rare
Available Stratagems: Better Things To Do Than Die, Heroic Spotlight
Alt Mode
4   14   2
Traits: Autobot Truck Ranged
When this has an Armor 🠪 He has Tough 2.
Alt2 Mode
6   14   1
Traits: Autobot Helicopter Ranged
While this has a Weapon 🠪 he has Bold 2.
Bot Mode
3   14   1
Traits: Autobot Ranged
While this has a Utility 🠪 He has Pierce 3.
Relevant Rulings
Taken from the Aequitas FAQ
Can the Better Things To Do Than Die stratagem be used on Sergeant Springer?
No. It is solely for Autobot Springer - Aerial Defense. The lack of "Autobot" in the stratagem target is believed to be unintended.
Source: Aequitas Rules Roundup 2020-10-01
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