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King of Pain
Scorpulator, Desert Rose
Set: BFB: Waste|Land [PUBLIC BETA]
Number: 20
Can be used with:
Scorpulator, Desert Rose
Q-PTP Aculear Scope, Weapon
Q-RTR Arachnoid Array, Utility
+6   +1   Decepticon
Remove the text “on one of your characters” on your Scorpulator, Desert Rose.

When your Scorpulator, Desert Rose is KO’d and you play his Upgrade sides 🠪 Flip this.
Your Q-PTP Aculear Scope has +1 . Your Q-RTR Arachnoid Array has +1 .

Replace “Constructicon Constructicon” with “character” on your Q-PTP Aculear Scope. Remove the text “If the upgraded character is a Constructicon Constructicon” on your Q-RTR Arachnoid Array.
This card is not used in any public decks