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Intrusion Countermeasures Software
Set: Titan Masters Attack
Number: 031
Rarity: Rare
Secret Action

Reveal 🠪 If an opponent's card would cause you to scrap one or more cards from your hand this turn.
When Revealed 🠪 Instead draw 2 cards.
Relevant Rulings
Taken from the Aequitas FAQ
If the opponent's card includes other instructions, are those followed?
Yes. You won't scrap any cards from your hand and instead, you'll draw 2 cards, but anything else your opponent's card said to do, you'll still do. If part of the effect refers to the card you scrapped, that part of the effect won't do anything.
Source: Wave 5 FAQ
Intrusion Countermeasures Software vs Counterespionage I have a face-down ICS and a second copy in hand. My opponent plays Counterespionage naming ICS. What happens?
Your opponent plays Counterespionage (CS), names Intrusion Countermeasures Software (ICS), and looks at your hand. As Counterespionage would actually cause you to scrap the copy of ICS you have in hand, we assume you reveal the copy you have in play. ICS then resolves and makes it impossible for your opponent to scrap the ICS in your hand. Instead that part of the effect is replaced by the card drawing effect, and you draw two. This is because the effect of a secret action resolves when the card is revealed, and does not depend on whether the card remains in play or not.
Source: Aequitas Rules Roundup 2020-09-14
Recent Decks Using This Card
[8th] SB-OA
Deck Traits: Decepticon Spaceship Specialist Beast Melee Leader Tank Ranged Car
40🂠 27★ in deck and 10🂠 11★ in sideboard Added by Teletraan I Modified on Feb 7, '21

Sergeant Soundblaster 12★
Weapons • Arms Dealer
Fangry 6★
Sky Tracker
Kreb 1★
Nightracer 5★

Villainous Spotlight 1★
Used with Decepticons
Megatron 11★
Fallen Hero
1 Espionage
1 Reflex Circuits
1 Reprocess
2 Counterespionage
1 Disassemble
1 Hold the Line
1 Intrusion Countermeasures Software
1 Speed Trap
1 Lock-On Lasers
Regular Actions
2 Fuel Cache 1★
3 Overwhelming Advantage
3 Wedge Formation
1 Disassemble
3 Hit and Run
3 Master of Metallikato
3 Mission Briefing
3 Scouting Mission
Secret Actions
1 Intrusion Countermeasures Software
1 Lose the Initiative
3 Combat Dagger
1 Covert Armor
3 Extra Padding
1 Reflex Circuits
1 Sturdy Armor
3 Decepticon Crown
3 Spare Parts
Other Upgrades
2 Crystal of Power
Deck Stats
23 action cards
  21 regular action cards
  2 secret action cards
17 upgrade cards
  3 weapon cards
  6 armor cards
  6 utility cards

Sets Used In Deck
Wave 2: 7 cards
Wave 3: 12 cards
Wave 4: 8 cards
Wave 5: 28 cards
ATP-2: 1 cards
Battle Icons in Deck
15 icons on 15 cards (38%)
14 icons on 14 cards (35%)
14 icons on 14 cards (35%)
24 icons on 24 cards (60%)
20 icons on 20 cards (50%)
0 icons on 0 cards (0%)
Battle Simulator
Set Tough/Bold:
Likelihood of Flipping
+2 Bonus Flip: 58%
Decepticon Crown: 23%
Spare Parts: 23%
Covert Armor: 8%
Extra Padding: 24%
Reflex Circuits: 8%
Sturdy Armor: 8%
Overwhelming Advantage: 23%
Wedge Formation: 24%
Disassemble: 9%
Intrusion Countermeasures Software: 8%
Lose the Initiative: 8%
Mission Briefing: 23%

Notes from Teletraan I:
"8th Place in Ia-Con Online 2021, played by Henri Yandell.