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Data Collector
Set: Titan Masters Attack
Number: T16
Rarity: Common
Alt Mode
4   11   2
Traits: Decepticon Truck Melee
When you flip to this mode 🠪 Draw a card.
Bot Mode
5   11   1
Traits: Decepticon Ranged
When this attacks and you have 5 or more cards in hand 🠪 He gets +3 until end of battle.
Relevant Rulings
Taken from the Aequitas FAQ
What happens if I have 5 cards in hand when Crankcase attacks but during the battle I go down to 4 or fewer cards in hand? Does Crankcase keep the attack bonus?
Yes. All that matters is that you had 5 or more cards in hand when Crankcase attacked. The attack bonus will last until the end of the battle, even if the number of cards in your hand changes.
Source: Wave 5 FAQ
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