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Air Raid
Fearless Flyer
Set: Rise of the Combiners
Number: T02
Rarity: Common
Part of Superion, Sky Protector
Alt Mode
3   8  
Traits: Autobot Aerialbot Plane Ranged
Bot Mode
4   8  
Traits: Autobot Aerialbot Ranged
When this damage an enemy 🠪 Scrap an Upgrade on that enemy.
Relevant Rulings
Taken from the Aequitas FAQ
If Air Raid has an Upgrade that does damage to an enemy, will Air Raid’s ability trigger and let me scrap an Upgrade from that enemy?
No, unless the Upgrade specifically says that the upgraded character does the damage. Air Raid must do the damage for the ability to trigger.
Source: Wave 2 and 3 FAQ
Does Air Raid's bot mode ability trigger if you use Armed Hovercraft to do 1 damage to an enemy team?
Armed Hovercraft does the damage, not the character that has it equipped.
Source: Rules Roundup 2019-03-22
My opponent's Air Raid (Bot Mode) attacks my Sunstorm (with Crash Landing), doing enough Damage to KO Sunstorm. Air Raid's player is able to Scrap the Crash Landing before I can use it to KO an Aerialbot, correct?
In this scenario, Air Raid’s ability can’t do anything because Sunstorm has been KO’d and as a result, his upgrades have been scrapped. Crash Landing’s effect will work.
Source: Rules Roundup 2019-04-01
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Deck Traits: Autobot Aerialbot Plane Ranged Helicopter Specialist Wrecker Leader
41🂠 27★ in deck and 10🂠 17★ in sideboard Added by [Name Not Given] Modified on Feb 14, '21

Air Raid 5★
Fearless Flyer
Fireflight 5★
Sky High Recon
Skydive 5★
Air Warfare Specialist
Silverbolt 8★
Aerialbot Commander

Heroic Spotlight 1★
Used with Autobots
Coordinated Aerial Tactics 1★
Used with Silverbolt, Aerial Commander
Alpha Bravo 5★
Airborne Special Ops
Autobot Whirl 12★
Aerial Assault
2 The Bigger They Are
2 Rapid Conversion
1 Hold the Line
2 Lose the Initiative
2 Speed Trap
1 Survive
Regular Actions
1 Aerialbot Enigma
3 Steady Shot
3 Camien Crash
3 Scouting Mission
1 Spymaster's Ruse
Secret Actions
2 Hidden Fortification
2 Sabotaged Armaments
2 Stable Cover
3 End Hostilities
1 Survive
2 Armed Hovercraft
3 Energon Axe
3 Handheld Blaster
3 Sturdy Javelin
2 Fusion Borer
1 Bashing Shield
3 Smoke Cloak
1 Pocket Processor
2 Aerial Defense Armaments 1★
Deck Stats
21 action cards
  11 regular action cards
  10 secret action cards
20 upgrade cards
  13 weapon cards
  4 armor cards
  3 utility cards

Battle Icons in Deck
1 icons on 1 cards (2%)
30 icons on 27 cards (66%)
5 icons on 5 cards (12%)
4 icons on 4 cards (10%)
18 icons on 17 cards (41%)
0 icons on 0 cards (0%)
Battle Simulator
Set Tough/Bold:
Likelihood of Flipping
+2 Bonus Flip: 24%
Aerialbot Enigma: 6%
Bashing Shield: 6%
Pocket Processor: 6%
Spymaster's Ruse: 6%