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Fusion Borer
Set: Titan Masters Attack
Number: 018
Rarity: Uncommon
Weapon Upgrade
Pierce 3
When the upgraded character attacks 🠪 Scrap this card after the battle.
Relevant Rulings
Taken from the Aequitas FAQ
If Cerebros attacks and, using his flip condition, fetches a Grenade Launcher from the scrap, what happens to it?
The Grenade Launcher will be scrapped after battle. This is in contrast to Fusion Borer, which would stay on Cerebros after the attack. This is due to a change in language as the game evolved. Early on, WotC used language like "After the upgraded character attacks -> Scrap this card.". Later, they adjusted to "When the upgraded character attacks/defends -> Scrap this card after the battle.". This newer language ties the scrap to the more common "When battles" trigger and not to the rarely used "After battle" trigger". The same is true for other older cards like Evasive Maneuvers, Blast Shield, and Power Punch, vs newer cards like Emergency Barricade and Crystal of Power.
Source: Aequitas Rules Roundup 2021-01-03
Recent Decks Using This Card
Deck Traits: Autobot Specialist Spaceship Ranged Tank
40🂠 27★ in deck and 0🂠 0★ in sideboard Added by yequari Modified on Mar 2, '21

Omega Supreme (Base) 8★
Transport • City Defender
Omega Supreme (Spaceship) 7★
Transport • City Defender
Omega Supreme (Tank) 7★
Transport • City Defender

Heroic Spotlight 1★
Used with Autobots
Unbreachable 2★
Used with Omega Supreme (Base), Transport • City Defender
Regular Actions
3 System Reboot
1 Espionage
2 Heavy-Handed
1 Smelt
1 Camien Crash
3 Scouting Mission
1 Catch Off-Guard
Secret Actions
2 Heroic Resolve 1★
2 Sabotaged Armaments
3 End Hostilities
3 Despite Any Difficulty
2 Armed Hovercraft
2 Energon Axe
3 Handheld Blaster
1 Noble’s Blaster
2 Sturdy Javelin
2 Fusion Borer
1 Sparring Gear
1 Reflex Circuits
1 Holomatter Projector
1 Crushing Size
1 Energy Pack
1 Pocket Processor
Deck Stats
22 action cards
  12 regular action cards
  10 secret action cards
18 upgrade cards
  12 weapon cards
  3 armor cards
  3 utility cards

Battle Icons in Deck
2 icons on 2 cards (5%)
31 icons on 26 cards (65%)
7 icons on 7 cards (18%)
7 icons on 7 cards (18%)
9 icons on 9 cards (23%)
0 icons on 0 cards (0%)
Battle Simulator
Set Tough/Bold:
Likelihood of Flipping
+2 Bonus Flip: 32%
Espionage: 7%
Noble’s Blaster: 6%
Smelt: 7%
Sparring Gear: 7%
Reflex Circuits: 6%
Pocket Processor: 7%
Holomatter Projector: 7%