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Power Punch
Set: Rise of the Combiners
Number: 047
Rarity: Uncommon
Weapon Upgrade

Bold 3. After the upgraded character attacks, Scrap this card.
Relevant Rulings
Taken from the Aequitas FAQ
What happens if I attack with Optimus Prime - Battlefield Legend in alt mode with Power Punch attached, and I hit a Swap Parts and move the Power Punch to a new bot. What happens to the Power Punch? Also, what about a card like Erratic Lightning? if I move it on Optimus with Swap Parts would his attack bonus stay the same?
Power Punch stays on the other character. Erratic Lightning gives Optimus +3 attack.
Source: Rules Roundup 2019-03-15
What is the timing for Sabotaged Armaments versus weapons like Power Punch?
Sabotaged Armaments is revealed when one of your characters defends, before Battle Cards are flipped. Power Punch will be scrapped before it can affect that battle.
Source: Rules Roundup 2019-11-22
Question regarding Backup Bag + Grenade Launcher / Power Punch / RR Disruptor Blade Can I scrap backup bag instead of a weapon?
Source: Rules Roundup 2019-07-12
If Optimus Prime - Battlefield Legend attacks with Power Punch. And flips over Swap Parts you move all upgrades to another character does Power Punch/Grenade Launcher destroy itself?
No, after the battle, you check, and the upgraded character is not the one who attacked, so it would not scrap itself.
Source: Rules Roundup 2019-04-22
Optimus Prime - Battlefield Legend is equipped with Power Punch, flips completely for his attack, and chooses Leap of Faith as his Action. The first card Leap of Faith reveals is W-5 Gyro Blaster. If OPBL attaches this, do I keep all the flips revealed from Power Punch? If so, does that mean my opponent now cannot flip more than 2 cards for their defense now that W-5 Gyro Blaster has been attached?
No, W-5 Gyro Blaster’s ability only triggers if it’s attached when the character attacks or defends.
Source: Rules Roundup 2019-11-08
When you use Sabotaged Armaments, and your opponent has a Power Punch on the attacker, do they get the Bold before Sabotaged Armaments activates?
No. This all happens before Battle Cards are flipped. Speaking of which, what happens when a character upgraded with Anticipation Engine swings into a Sabotaged Armaments? Anticipation Engine and Sabotaged Armaments will both trigger at the same time. The attacker will resolve Anticipation Engine first, then the defender will resolve Sabotaged Armaments.
Source: Rules Roundup 2019-11-08
If Cerebros attacks and, using his flip condition, fetches a Grenade Launcher from the scrap, what happens to it?
The Grenade Launcher will be scrapped after battle. This is in contrast to Fusion Borer, which would stay on Cerebros after the attack. This is due to a change in language as the game evolved. Early on, WotC used language like "After the upgraded character attacks -> Scrap this card.". Later, they adjusted to "When the upgraded character attacks/defends -> Scrap this card after the battle.". This newer language ties the scrap to the more common "When battles" trigger and not to the rarely used "After battle" trigger". The same is true for other older cards like Evasive Maneuvers, Blast Shield, and Power Punch, vs newer cards like Emergency Barricade and Crystal of Power.
Source: Aequitas Rules Roundup 2021-01-03
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